How Legal Funding Works

4 Easy Steps to Legal Funding and the cash you need with a pre settlement lawsuit funding – in 24 hours! At Signal, the process couldn't be any easier; we are fast, friendly, and focused.

We've simplified the legal funding process into 4 easy steps. We know you have enough to worry about; your health, your family, your bills, and your case. That's why we work fast, friendly, and are focused to get you the pre settlement funding cash you need sooner rather than later.

How pre settlement legal funding works in 4 Easy Steps;

How it works
  1. You complete the application and call your attorney telling them you applied for a pre settlement funding with Signal.
  2. Signal calls your attorney to verify your case information and to gather additional details.
  3. If approved, we send you and your attorney the legal funding agreement with everything spelled out in easy to understand terms, you and your attorney review, sign, and return to us.
  4. Signal send you a check via overnight delivery.

There are no monthly repayment schedules to worry about.

You can use the money for whatever you'd like, there are no restrictions.

When you win your case, your attorney will send us the amount owed out of the settlement award.

If you lose your case, you owe us nothing, nada, zip, zero... and you keep the money already sent you.

There are no long drawn out delays, no approval committee, no extensive background checks or credit approvals. In fact, often we can pre-approve you right over the phone.

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